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Here at Nomad Tax, we're really just a collection of nerds who like to travel. We went to school for way too long, we took a lot of tests, and we have an obscene amount of letters behind our names. Our preferred reading is tax publications, and we're on the IRS website almost as often as an influencer is on Instagram. What does all of that mean for you? We've got a wealth of knowledge that we are ready to put to work to make your tax situation that much less stressful.

Krystal Pino, CPA, PFS
Founder and Chief Nerd in Charge

Krystal, or Pino as most of her travel companions know her, is the mastermind behind Nomad Tax. Pino is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), and PFS (Personal FinancialSpecialist) with a BA in accounting and an MBA in Finance from UAB in Birmingham, AL. She's been at this game for nearly a decade now, working on both the corporate and public sides of accounting.

Pino has been a digital nomad for nearly 3 years now, visiting over 35 countries.  When she's not nerding out on taxes, you can find her climbing Lion's Head in Cape Town, eating vegan tacos in Mexico City, or lounging on the hidden beaches of south Portugal.

Her favorite quote: “Life is not practice. This is the real thing.”

Ronson Adams, EA
Senior Tax Guru

Ronson is our Senior Tax Master here at Nomad Tax. He is an EA (Enrolled Agent) and has been with Nomad Tax since day one. Before joining our team, Ronson worked at the IRS, so he’s well versed on what to do (and not to do) when it comes to your taxes. 

Like the rest of us, Ronson loves to travel when he’s not busy prepping your taxes. Though he calls the US home, you can find Ronson bouncing around Africa regularly, with South Africa being a favorite of his. Ask Ronson about his love for cooking, and how he got sick of it during quarantine in South Africa during Covid-19.

His favorite quote: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

Brittany Sims
Staff Accountant Extraordinaire

Brittany joined the Nomad Tax team as a full fledged member after she completed a very impressive internship during a difficult tax season. Brittany is set to graduate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in December of 2020, at which time she plans to sit for her CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

When Brittany isn’t busy with school or taking care of our clients, she loves being outside and enjoying nature, which she is lucky enough to be able to do from her front porch.

Her favorite quote: “Know your worth. Then add tax.”

Nicole Hudson, PMP
Strategic Advisor

Nicole has been an integral part of the Nomad Tax team from the start. Self proclaimed process nerd, Nicole is the brains behind our internal operations here at Nomad Tax. She’s been with the team since the beginning, designing our systems and process as we grow. 

Nicole was bit by the travel bug in 2018 and hasn’t looked back. Ask Nicole about the hills of Costa Rica, summering in Cape Town, or getting “stranded” at the beach for Covid-19.

Her favorite quote: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Sarah Elizabeth Moreman, EdD
Assistant to the Chief Nerd in Charge

No leader is any good without a right hand woman. Sarah Elizabeth holds an EdD in Higher Education Administration summa cum laude from The University of Alabama, along with Masters in Higher Education Administration and Bachelor of Arts in English with double minor in Business and History at Auburn University - but when she’s not shaping young minds, she’s keeping Pino and Nomad Tax on track. 

Sarah Elizabeth is no stranger to travel herself, racking up miles on her Nissan Armada (aptly named “Darth Vader”) as quickly as the rest of us rack up airline miles. She’s happy to hop a flight as well, and has great stories of the Northern Lights of Iceland and the sidewalks in Cordoba, Argentina.

Her favorite quote: "Turn frustrations into learning experiences as to find that connection while communicating with others. In other words, write it all out."

Katherine Conaway
Conaway Creative

"Working with Nomad Tax is simple: each tax season, I answer a few questions and upload my tax forms onto their online portal, and the rest is handled.  I enjoy working with Krystal and her team; they are always quick to respond to any questions I may have, big or small.

In the past I’ve done my own taxes online or worked with a general CPA. As a digital nomad, I’ve found working with Nomad Tax to be especially helpful since handling taxes for freelancers and small businesses with my remote lifestyle is their specialty. I find it’s much more valuable to work with Nomad Tax than to try to handle my intricate tax returns on my own.

There are complex and ever-changing tax laws around the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) and I feel confident leaving the knowledge of tax law to Krystal and her team. Nomad Tax is a great resource for the digital nomad community — it's so important to have accurate financials and taxes, and worth investing to have their expert help."

Charles Brasfield
Brasfield Sales

"Krystal Pino is a true tax expert. Honestly, I was a bit nervous about having an accountant that would be traveling internationally. Would she be reachable, responsive, and responsible? Everything I’ve ever asked of her has been handled in a timely and professional manner; she is reliable and I trust her completely. I am so impressed by the open lines of communication and the thorough amount of documentation from Krystal no matter where she is in the world.  Her contributions were imperative to the profitability that our business has seen in the past five years. In addition to being at the top of her game, she is fun to work with, cares for her customers, and has a good heart.

I took a leap of faith sticking with Krystal when she started traveling, and I’m so glad that I did. Everything has continued to run exceptionally smoothly and she is an invaluable asset to our company."

Robert Crocker
Viz Simply

"The process of working with Nomad Tax is simple: I answer a few questions, upload a few forms, and everything is centrally located on their own digital portal. It’s extremely remote friendly, with no need for in person meetings or archaic systems of notarizing and faxing. I love that I only have to think about my taxes once per year because I know it’s all being handled; I can use the time I would have spent learning about taxes continuing to grow my business, which is a much better use of my time.

Working with Nomad Tax is 100% worth it – it would be far more expensive not to use Nomad Tax, both in terms of time and financial liability. I feel confident that Krystal is looking out for me and keeping everything in order."

Kimberly Osborne
KO Digital

"Krystal is a tax goddess!  I’ve always prepared my own taxes but wanted to consult with an expert who knows the digital nomad/solopreneur space.  I was referred by another entrepreneur to Nomad Tax.  During a consulting call with Krystal, she pointed out a FEIE exemption that I didn’t know I applied for, immediately showing her immense knowledge in the field.  
After that initial foundation of trust was built, I felt confident turning to Nomad Tax for additional accounting questions.  The team provided valuable information on the best retirement options for solopreneurs – information that would have been way more challenging to digest on my own – which got me excited about saving money.  
Krystal shoots it straight.  She’s both personable and professional; she translates tax jargon into something that’s easily digestible.  It’s clear how much she understands her clients, their needs, and the intricacies of their tax situations.  
I never thought I’d be excited about taxes, but I’m actually excited to work with Krystal and her team again next year.  I’d recommend her to all of my digital nomad friends! "

John Randak
Peaceful Media

"Krystal is the perfect combination of friendly and professional.  Her professional side makes you feel comfortable trusting her with your most important and sensitive information – social security number, bank account details, income information, etc. – but her friendly demeanor makes her such a pleasure to work with.  She speaks in a laid-back way that makes taxes truly digestible; not to mention, her tax knowledge is top notch.  The process was streamlined and simple.  Nomad Tax saved me both time and money compared to if I had done my taxes myself.  

The best compliment I can give someone is to refer them to my friends – I will be telling all my friends about Nomad Tax, and I’ll 100% be using them every year from here on out!"

I wasn’t even in the US. Do I still need to file?


Yup. The US requires its citizens to report and pay taxes on their worldwide income. The expectation here is if you make less than the filing thresholds, which are dependent on your filing status and age (note that states may have different filing thresholds).

Is there any relief from taxes if I was abroad?


Absolutely. It’s called the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.

What in the world is the foreign earned income exclusion?


The foreign earned income exclusion (or the FEIE, as it's lovingly called to avoid being such a mouthful), is an exemption from federal income (and some state) taxes should you meet a certain set of criteria.  These criteria include either living in or being present in a foreign country for at least 330 days out of a 12 month period, having a tax home and establishing abode outside of the United States.

What’s a tax home?


Your tax home is your place of employment - where you do your thang. Self employed? Tax home is where you are. Remote worker? Same.  Every situation is unique though, so talk to a tax professional (raises hand) about your specifics.

What does “abode” mean?


Habituating, residing or dwelling outside of the US for an indefinite period.

What does an indefinite period look like?


Just that. The IRS considers any “assignment” of a year or more to be indefinite. Got a return date? That’s considered temporary, and your FEIE claim can be denied.

What does the FEIE cover?


Federal income taxes on up to $105,900 (2019) or $107,600 (2020) of earned income per person. There’s a lot of funky calculations that go into that, but luckily we have fancy software to supplement our brain power here.

What does it not cover?


Self employment tax (15.3%) and income tax on unearned income.

What about states?


Some states have FEIE provisions.  Check this document out for a handy dandy list.

Why Nomad Tax?


Let young pimpin brag a minute. We’re a team of elite nerds who love to travel and read IRS publications on expat tax issues. We’re nomads, just like you, and unlike you, we love taxes.

What’s it look like to work with Nomad Tax?


Unlike your most recent Tinder date, here at Nomad Tax we like to make sure your needs are met. You’ll have a first date with our fearless leader, Krystal Pino, where you’ll chat about what you’re looking for and how we can help. After that, you’ll be wooed by our amazing team members who will prepare your information while communicating on a level that you wish your last boo would have.

It’s sealed with a kiss of approval from our Chief Nerd in Charge before whisking you back to your life to worry about whether or not to take that overnight layover in South Korea (we always recommend the long layover).

How do I know you won’t kiss and tell?


Not only are we bound by a code of ethics stronger than the knights of the Round Table, we use software with secure end to end encryption, so your digits are safe with us.

Nomad Built Nomad Led

Here at Nomad Tax, we're really just a collection of nerds who like to travel. We went to school for way too long, we took a lot of tests, and we have an obscene amount of letters behind our names. Our preferred reading is tax publications, and we're on the IRS website almost as often as an influencer is on Instagram. What does all of that mean for you? We've got a wealth of knowledge that we are ready to put to work to make your tax situation that much less stressful.

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